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SPN is proud to offer training in a classroom environment, whether customized to your data or based on sample data.

The best way to ensure you are using your system to it's fullest capacity, and additionally reviewing all internal processes and analyzing which controls should be put in place, we will customize your class environment to address these concerns. First a quick overview of the issues and concerns, then establish a detailed agenda, determine location and dates, and the class begins.

how does classroom training work?

During the classroom training, we will review in detail each component of each module you are currently using, and evaluate where the pain points exist. This will lead to indepth discussions on how to resolve them, either through an internal process change, establishing controls, or possibly implementing a product that facilitates the process. We will focus on trying to change the idea that it has always been done that way, to finding a quicker and more effective method of completing that task(s) in question.

can training classes be customized for our company's specific needs?

Yes, training classes can be customized to your organization's needs, and are provided in a hands-on setting. Each user is provided with a copy of client data to work with, and depending on the agenda put together by the client and the trainer, the attendees will cover all aspects of each module, with sample data entry, processing, and reporting. The number of days for each module can be determined in advance, along with the level of content, whether at an introductory, intermediate, or advanced level. Copies of the data can be created in house on the client server, or on a remote server, and then deleted after the training classes are completed. Each attendee will leave with a sound knowledge of the application overall, the individual modules, and the ability to modify the current processes to take ERP Accpac to higher level of efficiency.

onsite training classes

Onsite training classes are provided at the client site in a classroom type environment. It is recommended that the attendees are temporarily removed from day to day duties while in class to maximize the attention to content and keep the classes flowing and productive.

offsite training classes

Offsite training classes can be provided at a number of training facilities available. Depending on cost and ability to travel, this method of implementation can often provide a pleasant break away from the day to day routine, absent from distraction, and allows the attendee the ability to focus on the content of the class without interruption.

virtual training classes

Virtual training classes are also an effective way to minimize travel costs and allow for shorter, half day sessions so as not to impede on your staff's regular duties. Our preference is to maintain a continual schedule for classes to ensure the content of previous sessions has not been forgotten, however, also enables in house implementation of any new ideas quickly and while still fresh in your mind.

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