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Work History

New Hire processing. Leaves of absence, transfers and terminations. The Work History module does it all, while enabling maintenance of positions, compensation, and benefits history.

The Work History module performs the fundamental human resources function: analyzing the movement of employees during their tenure with your organization. Get the big picture in a few keystrokes by performing an analysis of total costs of employment. Stay up-to-date with automatic email notifications of changes to employee status (new hire, changes to compensation, terminations).

Attendance and Time-Off Entitlements Management

Attendance and absenteeism data are easily maintained with the Attendance and Time-Off Entitlements Management Module. The module allows set-up of as many time-off entitlement banks as necessary to meet your organization’s policies and collective agreements. Easily input information from your time collection system and enter data from any info:HR Web-Based or Self-Serve modules.

Attendance and Time-Off Entitlements Management is a crucial part of the performance management process. Use this module to:

  • measure and quantify absenteeism issues
  • satisfy contractual and policy obligations
  • provide timely information to stakeholders
  • keep entitlements bank balances current

Training and Development

This module allows the human resources administrator to establish training plans and record skill requirements by position. The module will also track historical and future courses, costs and results. Automatically, the Training and Development module updates training days directly to the Attendance module as well as an employee’s skills inventory. An additional function of the module handles performance reviews and succession planning.

The module contains reports, screens, and internal spreadsheets to assist in tracking employee training and development. It can also be configured to create automatic reminders for future training.

Satisfies audit requirements of ISO, QS, and quality assurance programs.

Health and Safety

Access a single health and safety database with the Health and Safety module. Once you are there, you can keep track of incidents, injuries, and claims. You can also analyze root causes and corrective actions for each incident.

Compare current and historical data. Attach incident reports to employee data. The Health and Safety module enables human resources administrators to enter multiple health and safety test results.

Satisfies legislative requirements. Ontario administrators can also generate WSIB Form 7 and Form 9.


This module generates hundreds of reports – user-developed or modified info:HR standards - each with a unique criteria selection screen for data inclusion and sorting purposes. Source code for standard reports (using Crystal Reports) is provided.

All reports, standard or user-developed, are controlled by info:HR’s security.


This module controls access to data so that specific employee information is provided only to those who need it.

Reports, screens and internally generated emails can be secured to specific employees.

Security maintenance is completely under the management of the info:HR System Administrator.

Optional - Integration

Payroll, time collection and other systems can be integrated with info:HR to provide a single source of data entry and automated flow of information across applications.

Single-source data entry capabilities reduce errors and a flexible design allows for single or bi-directional movement of data between applications. The system provides reports that show what data has been moved to payroll or time collection and scheduling systems.

Optional – Employee/Manager Self-Serve (ESS)

The ESS web-based module enables employees to access their own employment information. The module processes time-off requests and authorizations with automatic email notifications. Employees can remotely access:

  • Personal Information
  • Benefits
  • Dependents
  • Emergency contacts
  • Time-off Entitlement Banks (balances and details)
  • Dollar Entitlements and Other Earnings

Optional – Online Timesheets

This web-based module comes with a flexible timesheet form design. Any number of timesheets can be tailored to your organization’s exact requirements. Once your timesheets have been customized, employees may enter work activity, including:

  • Project allocation
  • Accounting designations
  • Equipment identification

Supervisors will be able to respond to timesheet submissions and manage the approval process with email notifications. In addition, attendance and time-off entitlements data are automatically updated in the existing info:HR database.

Of course, all functions are secured, and the module may be deployed throughout the organization as necessary.

Optional - Multiple Position Management

Many organizations employ an individual for different roles. For example, a municipality may have a recreation complex and hire part-time Fitness Instructors. The Fitness Instructor hired may also be a Crossing Guard. That employee has 2 different jobs with the municipality, each job paying at a different rate.

That’s where info:HR’s Multiple Position Management module would come in. The module allows for management to track and account for employees who:

  • Hold more than one position (job title) within the organization
  • With different rates of pay for each position
  • Covered by more than one collective agreement and/or with more than one employment status

With the Multiple Position Management module, the organization accounts accurately for employees with complex employment agreements.

Optional – Applicant Tracking

Are you recruiting new hires? Would you like to manage your candidate data as efficiently as you manager your employee data? Applicant Tracking is an optional module that is integrated with all versions of the info:HR. For ease of use, many of the screens in Applicant Tracking are similar to those found in the base system, e.g. demographics, status/dates, education, skills.

Key features of the module include:

  • The ability to enter detailed applicant data
  • The ability to enter job requisition data. Open and closed requisitions remain in the system. Closed requisitions can be reopened for future use.
  • The ability to link applicants to requisitions
  • Tracking of recruitment sources and costs
  • Tracking of multiple applicant interviews
  • Upon hire, the ability to transfer data for selected applicants to the active portion of info:HR
  • Web-based Applicant Form Module, which prompts the applicant for information and automatically populates the module, removing the data entry requirement from your recruiting personnel

Optional – Org Chart Interface

If you need to produce org charts and keep them current, then info:HR’s org chart interface is just the thing. The interface produces and export file that can be imported into OrgPlus or MS Visio, giving you the data you need and all the power of those world class charting products.

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